Aqueous Parts Washers

blue aqueous parts washerMid Continent Capital, Inc. provides lease finance options for aqueous parts washers. Aqueous parts washers are great for small, medium or large mechanical parts such as brackets, suspension pieces to transmission and engine blocks. Aqueous parts washers are completely customizable through MAXJET Parts Washers.

OSHA and Employee Safety

Companies that utilize carcinogenic solvents in their organic (carbon based) or inorganic compound are required to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations set in place to provide proper protection from possible chemical exposure. OSHA states the proper personal equipment may include gloves, safety glasses, shoes and coveralls (OSHA).

Also, companies that use carcinogenic compounds on premises usually require regular inspections from OSHA to ensure they are meeting the correct safety standards. The CDC warns of solvents carcinogenic properties to employees and to the eco-system if improperly disposed. For more information regarding the hazards of solvents please visit The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) website.

Benefits of Aqueous Parts Washers

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Aqueous parts washers use an alkaline detergent that comes in either a liquid or powder form. Utilizing high water pressure and water temperatures above 170° F (77°C) to break down the oil and grease on parts.Aqueous parts washers eliminate the need for an employee to wash parts by hand using carcinogenic solvents and frees up valuable employee time.

Some parts washer systems can be automated to grab baskets on a continuous cycle which can also include ultrasonic, jet spray and immersion cleanings.The Aerospace industry is a prime example of the need for customizable parts washers. Even the smallest contaminate can disrupt the smooth inner workings of an airplane, aqueous parts washers creates versatility with the ability of customization for specific industry cleaning requirement.

Automotive shops are notorious for greasy wrenches, ratchets & sockets and more. Mechanics do not have the time to stop and wash their equipment between services. An ideal setup would include a small or medium sized aqueous parts washer where tools could be pre-treated and then washed. This saves time and money and manpower; and instead of scrubbing their tools, mechanics have more time to work making the turnaround time on vehicles quicker and more efficient.

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