Restaurant Equipment Leasing

As a restaurateur, you know how slim your profit margin is. With an average restaurant after-tax profit of only four percent, restaurants need every available strategy to be efficient and stay competitive. Plus, almost two-thirds of a restaurant’s revenue goes out to pay for food, beverages and labor, and does not account for such items as taxes, insurance and utilities.

However, you can stabilize some of your costs by leasing your restaurant equipment through Mid Continent Capital (MCC). Leasing gives you the flexibility to add equipment to respond to your customer needs while stabilizing your cash flow.

• Respond to market conditions by adding equipment as needed
• Improve cash flow management with  affordable monthly payments & preserve credit lines for major projects
• Gain flexibility by leasing new or used equipment as necessary
• Check out the tax advantages to your business by leasing and not purchasing, including a 100% write-off

MCC helps businesses across the country grow and remain competitive through leasing. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your cash flow and profitability for your business.

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