Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment to run a modern practice is essential – but expensive. An MRI scanner ranges from $1 to $3 million. Even a basic x-ray suite starts at $140,000. And the increasing pace of innovation means that that expensive piece of equipment could be obsolete well before you make the last payment.

There is an alternative. By leasing your equipment through Mid Continent Capital (MCC), you can free up precious capital and avoid being stuck with out-of-date equipment. An MCC lease can also give you tax advantages to your practice and help you conserve cash flow.

Mid Continent works with all types of practices and will find the leasing arrangement that will work best for you. For example, the needs of a start-up practice will be different from an established clinic upgrading equipment or adding a sub-speciality to their practice. Lease terms and conditions will vary widely, and Mid Continent will tailor a plan that works best for you.

• You can reduce the risk of obsolescence inherent in equipment purchase
• Leasing may be available for your IT infrastructure or medical software system
• Leasing is available to any type of medical office or clinic

• Check out the tax advantages to your business by leasing and not purchasing, including a 100% write-off

Learn more about equipment lease financing for these medical industries:
Dental Professionals
Ophthalmology Professionals
Chiropractic Professionals

Mid Continent Capital helps businesses across the country grow and remain competitive through leasing. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your cash flow and profitability for your medical practice.

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