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Mid Continent Capital, Inc. provides lease finance options for television entertainment solutions. Whether your company is doing a new install or upgrading your current entertainment packages let Mid Continent Capital, Inc. assist with your company’s finance needs.

Large purchases, such as a custom entertainment solution can tie up needed funds for company’s day to day needs. Lease financing options keep a company’s cash flow free.

nation satMid Continent Capital, Inc. has partnered with NationSat to provide optimal financing with state of the art equipment provided by NationSat, an authorized DIRECTV™ dealer.

DIRECTV™; now a part of the AT&T family, is one of the leading television entertainment providers in its industry for senior living, retirement homes and assisted living facilities. With DIRECTV™, their multiple channel packages are suited for all television watchers.

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COM2000 is the next generation HD headend video solution for any size property. It is ideal for properties with high room counts and for installations where the customer does not want a receiver for each TV, Smallest physical footprint, supporting 48 HD or SD channels in a single chassis (5.25”/3 RU’s. Each television is completely programmable and acts as its own unit.

DIRECTV systems are perfect for any property with home-run or loop-through wiring schemes. DIRECTV can service properties with as few as 20 rooms or as many as 10,000.

DIRECTV™ takes it one step further with their Anti-Microbial Finish on all of their remote controls. Why is this important? Most often than not, the television remote control is placed on a table without a second thought during routine cleanings. Unfortunately, television remote controls are one of the dirtiest items in a home. The anti-microbial finish protects the resident from harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi that commonly cause users to become ill.

NationSat is able to work with each company and create custom packages fit with their unique entertainment solutions. As NationSat states, “A successful business relationship involves a true and trusted partnership”. Mid Continent Capital, Inc and NationSat have created just that, a thriving trusted partnership, and work together to assist customers with their lease financing options and television entertainment solutions.

Mid Continent Capital, Inc helps businesses across the country grow and remain competitive through lease financing. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your cash flow.

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