Senior Living Facility Equipment Leasing

senior living facility euipment lease financing information
For over 30 years, Tom Twyman, President of Mid Continent Capital, Inc. has been focused on arranging equipment financing and business loans for their customers.

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. provides equipment Lease Financing options to the Senior Living Facilities industry (Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities).

We can assist facilities with financing for:
• Telephone Systems
• Furniture, Appliances and Electronics
• Nurse Call Centers, Software and Training
• Transportation: Resident Passenger Vans, Buses, Delivery and Maintenance Vehicles
• Medical and Monitoring Equipment
• Television Entertainment Systems: DIRECTTV Systems from NationSat and much more, we can provide financing for most anything!

For Senior Living Facilities to remain competitive in today’s “option driven” market environment, they need the financial ability to lease or finance the needed equipment.

Lease Financing Vs. Bank Financing

Leasing can be much easier than bank financing. For starters, there is less paperwork when leasing. Usually, lease financing requires a 1 page credit application and in some cases, Mid Continent Capital, Inc. can provide a pre-approval of up to 100K.

Lease financing provides a non-conflicting source of credit, which increases a Senior Living Facilities borrowing base, and leaves current credit lines open and available for other uses. Lease financing does not require collateral. Banks often require collateral (assets) by filing “blanket liens” that effectively secures all of the company’s equipment and assets, not just the acquired equipment.

Banks “typically” require a down payment of 10% - 25%. Lease financing requires one or two payments in advance, and in some circumstances, nothing down. Please visit our FAQ’s for more information.

Lease financing payment options can be tailored to your company’s personal cash flow patterns.

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. offers payment options such as:
• Step-up (Graduated Payments)
• Step-Down
• Seasonally Adjusted
• Skip Payment Options
• Other Options

Contact us for more creative Lease Program options! Mid Continent Capital, Inc. offers flexibility, consistency, and comprehensiveness. Gain all this and more when you lease through Mid Continent Capital, Inc.

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